Integrating with ICIQ community

We are doing something good together with the Information, Computation, Intelligence and Quantum (ICIQ) community which has been rapidly developed into a large community rooted on its ~1500-member Google+ community to bring news, discussions, talks, open-source projects and study materials of quantum information science to the classical and quantum information communities.

JuliaQuantum has setup a Google+ public page and will use it to announce progress of JuliaQuantum projects over the ICIQ network and in public. This will help us efficiently find possible developers from the ICIQ community and provide open-source projects to the community–when we are at the stage. As a joint effort, ICIQ also started a trial Tutorials and Reviews section on its website to help collect useful self-study materials for quantum information learners in all levels. All linked materials on the ICIQ website are aligned to the interests of ICIQ community, and are maintained by volunteers from the ICIQ Google+ group and the open-source community in large. A big challenge for the Julia community targeting at technical computing is that there are many people, especially undergrads, willing to contribute to scientific subject oriented projects yet they are hesitated to contribute because they thought they may not have enough knowledge to work in those projects. This joint action with ICIQ community may help our package developers learn necessary background knowledge much efficiently, and are more confident to contribute to those projects.

This action is experimental, with the hope to reduce the workload and distraction of the limited developers in the JuliaQuantum community, and to help our projects well organized and focused. In the mean time, we also encourage our project developers to provide necessary scientific references, documentations and clear roadmaps for perspective contributors to follow our ideas and plug in their efforts–whenever a project is ready to open to absorb public contributions. The Roadmap repository have now also moved the issued roadmaps into open and editable markdown files in the repo with links connecting to QuBase.jl roadmap discussions where milestones and progresses are rapidly covering unchecked key words in the big picture.

Have any study materials useful to share? Fork the ICIQ’s GitHub source code repository and start contributing! Hope this helps.