Meetup for SQuInTers and the BAJUs

During the 17th annual Southwest Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) workshop from Feb 19 to 21, 2015, JuliaQuantum organization will host a breakout session for the SQuInTers and the Bay area Julia users on Feb 21 (Saturday) from 7:30pm to 10pm in the Room Berkeley, DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, California, where the workshop is hosted. The location of the Berkeley room in the hotel can be found here. It is on the second floor of the building. Beyond this breakout session, Jarrett Revels, one of the creators of JuliaQuantum, will present a poster (see #86 of the abstract page) on Feb 19 in the workshop, and along with Xiaodong Qi–another creator of this organization–will lead a lunch gethering time for SQuInTers who are interested in Julia and our projects on Feb 20 in the lunch place of the workshop (our JuliaQuantum logo will show up on the lunch table).

In the breakout session or the meetup on Feb 21 night, there will be three talks on the topic of Scientific Applications of Julia presented by Philip Thomas from StaffJoy, David Zeng and Karanveer Mohan from Stanford University, and Katharine Hyatt from University of California – Santa Barbara on condensed matter theory. These talks are featured with optimization, quantum statistics and parallel computing in Julia, all of which heavily rely on numerics and could be applied to numerical simulations of quantum systems, optimal quantum control & metrology, quantum machine learning simulations and so on. In the mean time, these are also topics Julia is good at, and have been applied in a wide range of areas. In fact, JuliaQuantum is looking for the possibilities of interfacing with those well-developed packages and programs for our future projects of quantum libraries in Julia. In the talks, our invited speakers will demonstrate how easily Julia packages can be used to solve problems in those fields. These talks could trigger a long-term collaborations crossing disciplines and bring in new users and developers for our projects as well.

Below is the detailed agenda for the Feb 21 breakout/meetup session. Limited refreshments and water will be served 15min before it starts.

Agenda for Feb 21

Other notes regarding the breakout session