Berkeley meetup videos online

It has been a great pleasure to organize this meetup session at Berkeley on 2015-02-21 along with Jarrett Revels. Video records and slides of our meetup are online now!

On record, two major topics have been targeted:

  1. Optimization, statistics and parallel computing programming techniques which are required for quantum tomography, optimal quantum control and quantum metrology among others to handle the classical user interface even when quantum computers are implemented in the future.

  2. Simulating quantum systems on a classical computer environment before quantum computers become mature. This involves quantum Monte Carlo simulations, stochastic process simulations, simulating quantum error correction codes and other numerical simulation scenarios which strongly appreciate a fast and easy-to-use programming interface.

Speakers in this talk series demonstrated in various aspects showing that Julia as a fresh programming language is competent to help ease tasks fell into the two topics listed above.

After this event, I may not have a chance to participate the future development of JuliaQuantum community any more. But I believe, with the spirit of dedication and openness, this open-source community will have a bright and promising future through the continuing endeavors from Jarrett, Alex, Jiahao, Jutho and among others. It has been a great joy to work with them. I am grateful for their supports as a team. Gratitudes also go to all of our speakers and audience for their dedication and patience. All of the expenses to attend this meetup are out of their own pockets, and many of our audience even did not have time to have dinner just to attend our meetup until very late that night. I would also like to sincerely acknowledge some other people who have offered a hand to help make this event happen and ease related affairs for the JuliaQuantum organization. They are, but not limited to,

For financial support or donations, please notice that Julia creators maintain a Julia NumFocus account at As a non-for-profit Julia umbrella organization, we will request budget support from the head node in the future. If you would like to donate to support our future events, please donate through the link above. Thank you for your support!