The sustainable development of JuliaQuantum organization and the associated projects highly depend on the participation and embrace of the community in large. JuliaQuantum as an open-source organization is working on building fundamental Julia libraries upon requests and proposals through the issue tracking and discussion forums provided by GitHub. Feel free to send pull request, ask questions and participate discussions on particular repositories. Technical support regarding the Julia programming language itself should direct to the julia-users mailing list.

JuliaQuantum members also work on bringing to our developers with volunteers and experts for academic and public supports. If you know individuals or groups of people, or yourself, are willing to serve any non-trivial role for JuliaQuantum, please email us. Currently, we have the following supporting groups.

Academic consulting committee

This committee responds to JuliaQuantum members for scientific insights and give advice to improve the quality and value of the Julia libraries under our organization.

Current member on board: Dr. Kevin Cahill from University of New Mexico, who is an expert on quantum field theory, quantum optics and physical mathematics. His recent book on Physical Mathematics has been recognized as a Best Book of 2014 on Amazon. Most of his recent course videos are also free to watch online through his website.

Looking for more nominations and participants to serve in the committee.

Supporting Groups

Email us if you are willing to support the JuliaQuantum organization!

JuliaQuantum Steering Team

As the title illustrated, they are working on ensure JuliaQuantum moving on a right track.

Current members (alphabetical order): acroy, jiahao, jrevels and Jutho.

Other members of JuliaQuantum may be found on our GitHub page, if they set to be visible to public.